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2720 Montelius , Klamath Falls, Oregon. 541.205.3177 Commercial and Residential Roofing CCB#109044


Spearhead Roofing provides a variety of services


When in the design stage on a roof project, it is important to be confident that the roofing system will work with the construction system that is being proposed. Most people think that one roof fits all. However, this is not the case. By designing the correct roofing system for the building construction type being used will pro long the life expectancy of the roof.

Budget Cost Analysis:
In new construction, maintaining an existing investment, or re-roofing an older roof, cost is the key! Short cuts in Roofing Systems, mean short term Roofing Systems. Annual maintenance and correctly designed new Construction, work together to help building owners keep costs down.

Conducting annual inspection reports for building owners, allows the building owner to be proactive in maintaining existing roofing systems. Our client’s inspection reports, give critical data to help budget for and maintain building envelope systems prior to costly water damage. Long term, this can save from structural and interior damages that increase costs of construction and re-roofing.

Commercial Roofing:
For more than 40 years Spearhead, has proudly installed most types of Commercial Roof systems on the market. We have placed millions of square feet of roofing in 26 states in the U.S. As a turn-key Roofing company, we can complete any size of project, control schedules and unexpected repairs that commonly are exposed during Re-Roof projects.

Commercial Waterproofing & Air/Vapor Barriers:
Commercial water-proofing, air, moisture and vapor barriers, have evolved throughout time. Today we have studied and improved building envelope systems to assure every project has the components and details for long term building performance. This includes waterproofing foundations, wall systems and keeping structures not only water tight, but air tight, depending on individual building needs.

Roof Maintenance:
The most overlooked cost in the Roofing Industry today is roof maintenance. It is often just not accounted for in annual building costs, as it is not seen nor impacting occupancy while the roof is performing correctly. Spearhead, offers building owners annual inspections and documents all deficiencies in your roofing system. This allows the owner and Spearhead roofing to work as a team to predict, budget, and maintain Roofing Systems before becoming a costly re-roof situation. Industry roof warranties written by most manufactures are only collectable if the proper maintenance records have been documented. Stop and think about what a Roofing system endures throughout its life! Our best analogy is when purchasing a new vehicle would the dealership cover a warranty if you did not change the oil, or maintain your vehicle? We generally can expect a well-maintained roof to exceed its life expectancy. While a neglected roofing system, often fails at 50% to 70% of its expected life time. In many cases, building owners purchase two new roofs when if the original roof had been properly maintained it would have exceeded its life expectancy therefore saving the owner thousands of dollars.

Roof Repairs:
Roof repairs are a must whether in an emergency or a pre-arranged repair. Obviously with the proper inspections and maintenance costly emergency repairs can be avoided. Our technicians are tooled up and prepared to repair any roof type at any time. These repairs save costs in structural repairs, and further water migration.

Roof Asset Management:
Roof Asset Management or RAM, is an in-house program designed to help building owners budget for annual costs in maintenance and repairs to existing roofing systems. This assures manufacturer warranties are in place, and roofing systems life expectancy are realized. Most manufactures require annual maintenance as part of their warranty coverage system. The RAM program makes sure the roofing system is always in good standing with the manufacturers warranty coverage. RAM, also helps the building owner prepare for failures and re-roofing circumstances with plenty of warning before these failures, and water infiltration damages occur.

24-hour Emergency Leak Response:
As a client in our RAM program, you will receive access to our 24hr leak response team. This provides confidence and protection prior to structural or content damage. This also limits slip and fall incidents, saving our clients’ money in repair and insurance fees.

Sheet Metal Fabrication:
Spearhead Roofing, has a full line of sheet metal accessories and a full metal fabrication shop for all our clients. This is always a plus as the sheet metal package and roofing system are tied into one warranty for our clients. This puts all liability on our workmanship giving Spearhead Roofing full control of our project schedules thus, saving our clients’ money and time by providing clients with one source for all their roofing needs.